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RBY always needs good folks to help the children


Running a baseball and softball program for 1600 players is an understandably expensive proposition. It costs about $206 per person to run our program. With registration fees of only $90-$140, the importance of parent’s participation in candy sales, obtaining sponsors and snack bar duty cannot be understated. Yes, you read that right, it costs us more per player than we charge, which means we have to raise that money via candy sales and sponsorships.

So it is up to YOU

The County has mandated that our Snack Bar undergo a full renovation and thanks to the City of Redlands, RBY will not have to pay for this in full (the percentage has yet to be determined).  In the Grand scheme of things, this helps all of the families associated with the program and we thank the City of Redlands for their generosity.

Other improvements to our facilities must be paid for by RBY. The only way we can keep our facilities in prime condition for the families of Redlands is to  to find professionals in these areas who will volunteer their time and knowledge to help us. If you have a special skill and would be willing to donate time, knowledge or use of your equipment to RBY, please contact us. Please email: if you can help!

Here are a few examples of folks who can help:

Concrete Contractor
Fencing Contractor
Small Tractor Operator
Structual Engineer (Drawings)
General Laborer
Sprinkler Contractor
Gopher Control
Machinist/Metal Worker

Together we can make Community Field a better place for our kids to play and our families to spend their time.