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The Wait List is now closed

At this time, we must close our wait list in order to purchase uniforms in a timely manner.  If you missed our registration period, and want to be notified of registration periods in the future, follow us on facebook.  We will post when we open registrations for fall and spring seasons on this platform.

Spring season FAQ's

1- When will registration end?

Answer- We will close registration on March 29 in order to facilitate the purchase of uniforms.

2- When will games begin?

Answer- We anticipate starting games around April 24.  It depends on how tough it is to obtain managers.  We plan to play games until mid June.

3- Will my family be required to wear a mask?

Answer- We will continue to adhere to the guidelines set forth by our state and local government.  Every manager, coach, scorekeeper, and umpire will be required to wear a mask at all times when conducting business at RBY.  We suggest that players also wear masks, if it is not a safety concern.

4- What happens if my child gets sick?

Answer- If anyone in you family has symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you stay away from the program for the recommended quarantine duration.  If we have an outbreak at RBY, we will be forced to shut down all operations.

5- Do we have to sell candy this season?

Answer- No.  We understand that last year's spring season was not up to par with how we would like to run our program.  We cancelled the candy fundraiser and we are offering this spring season at a loss in order to compensate for the Covid related shut down last year.

6- Pony hasn't issued a rule book for 2021.  What rules are we governed by?

Answer- Pony, as well as RBY are using the rules from 2020, with the exception of the age key.  All other rules are in play.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Subcontractors Wanted:

If you would like to bid on one of our RFP's, please email


We have RFP's available for the following:

Field Prep

Trash cleanup


Head Umpire

Head Scorekeeper

Team Sponsors:

From our Treasurer Dave Eason: “RBY’s goal is to have a minimum of one sponsor per team.  Managers and/or Team Parents please emphasize to the Parents of your players that the player(s) can play for free for the spring season by getting a sponsor.  Request that each parent provide the sponsor package to their employer—that is where most sponsors come from.  Players get their registration fee refunded when they get a sponsor. That is a win for players and RBY.  Please go to Sponsor page to identify teams that currently do not have sponsors.”


Become a Member of our new Website!

Redlands Baseball & Softball for Youth would like to ask all of our parents to sign up and become members of our new Website (provided by Sport NGIN).


Signing up is quick and easy.  Go to the top left of the home page and click on "Create an Account".  It should take you less than 1 minute from start to finish. 

Why do I need an account?

Once you open an account you will be able to register your player and receive communications from the League. You will also be able to receive team email messages, track your team's game schedules, view standings and player's stats (maybe). You will also need an account to get the most from our free mobile app.

Thanks for your support


Welcome to our new website.  We now have an all-in-one system; Website, Registration and back ground checks in once place!

From now on, all registration will be completed online, and the best part is we have added an E-Signature feature, so no more paperwork! 

We also have a brand new Webmaster, so please bear with us as we fill the website with content.


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