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Spring Ball Frequently Asked Questions

Candy Distribution Documents:

Travel Select Division (Baseball and Softball) Information:

Starting in the  2016 Spring Season,  RBY will offer a place for our local Travel/Club Baseball and Softball teams to play.  Travel Select teams will play a set schedule of mid-week games against other Travel/Select Teams here at our gorgeous RBY Facilities.  This is NOT a  Recreational Division and will consist of Travel/Club teams only.  Game times will  not conflict with Recreation Division game times and will be on different days of the week.

Age Groups:  Standard USSSA/Pony Age groups apply.  14U/Pony, 12U/Bronco and 10U/Mustang leagues will be offered and will  be limited to 8-12 teams per Division.

Cost:  $850/Team.  A deposit of $100 will secure a Team's spot.  When the spots at each age division are filled, they are filled.

Rec Ball vs Travel Select: 

1.There has been some question as to whether Travel Select players are excluded from playing on a Recreation Level team due to conflicting schedules.  The answer is; there will be no game conflicts.  Travel Select Division and the Traditional RBY Recreational Divisions will play on different days of the week.  There will be no game schedule conflicts for those kids who play both.  If a child is on a Select Division team and his/her Travel coach is amenable, then that child may sign up through the standard registration process to play "Rec Ball".

2. Some have asked if Travel Select teams are actually playing for "less" on a per player basis than Recreation Division players.  The answer is; They are not.  RBY provides full uniforms, umpires, scorekeepers, game balls and a full equipment bag (which includes catchers gear, a dozen baseballs and batting helmets) to Recreation Division teams.  Select Division teams must provide all of these things themselves (except umpires) at their own expense.  The Travel Select Division is less expensive for Travel teams to participate in (on a per game basis) than most Travel tournaments, it costs more than Recreation Division (more than double) on a per player basis.

Please e-mail Our Travel/Select Division Coordinator, Shawn Klezovich to Register or for more information.

Division Coordinators 2017

This link will take you to the Board of Directors page. The Division Coordinators are listed at the bottom of the page.

2017 League Ages.

Baseball ages are as follows:
Shetland 4 (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/012- 4/30/13)

Shetland (5 & 6) (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/10- 4/30/11)

Pinto 7 (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/09- 4/30/10)

Pinto 8 (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/08- 4/30/09)

Mustang (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/06- 4/30/08)

Bronco (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/04- 4/30/06)

Pony (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/02- 4/30/04)

Colt (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/00- 4/30/02)


Softball ages are as follows:

Shetland 4 (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/012- 12/31/12)

6U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/10- 12/31/11)

8U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/08- 12/31/09)

10U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/06- 12/31/07)

12U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/04- 12/31/05)

14U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/02- 12/31/03)

A letter from the President

Welcome to Redlands Baseball/Softball for Youth!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to welcome you to another year of hard work, fun times, and most importantly, the growth of our children into leaders; both in the community and on the sports field.  At RBY it is our long-held belief that participation in youth athletics is a cornerstone to building fine young men and women in our community, and that baseball and softball offer that growth like no other sport.  RBY has produced not only baseball and softball players at professional and collegiate levels, but also leaders in government, public service, and innovators of industry.

As an all-volunteer force providing these skills for growth, the RBY Board of Directors seeks your help in maintaining the high level of service provided in years past, growing even stronger to an ever increasing number of area youth with even greater expectation.  Determination, focus, leadership, friendship, teamwork and selflessness in favor of the team are all attributes we strive for on a daily basis.  We promote and teach these skills and mindsets. 

Every two years, we elect new officers on our Board of Directors and invariably there is a time of transition.  Elections will be held in August 2017 and we will be working diligently to train our new Officers and Members to their volunteer tasks.  We appreciate your continued patience and support during the following few months as we all learn our new positions.  If you have a strong sense of community pride, love to see growth in our children in leaps and bounds both physically and mentally, or just love the games of baseball and softball, we welcome you to join our organization.  Together we can ensure that our children will always have the resources of growth and strength in our community and by our community, for our community.

Play Ball!

Josephine Ramirez and Dr. Marc DiCarlo,

RBY Presidential Team