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Updated 7-6-16, 1:02 PM PST

2016 Fall Ball Sign ups

Fall Sign ups will be posted online on or around August 1st 2016.  The season will start in September.  Check back often in case we are able to get it opened earlier than that.


2016 Fall Field Maintenance Contract

RBY Needs Professional Help with Field Maintenance for 2016 Fall Ball.  Redlands Baseball and Softball for Youth (RBY) is looking to accept proposals to provide field maintenance and preparation services for the RBY 2016 Fall Ball Season. The season will start the weekend after Labor Day (September 5th, 2016) and go through the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 24th, 2016). A majority of the services will be provided on Sundays but the job could also consist of weekly projects based on a pre-approved time and materials budget. Please contact Chrissy Fitch via email at if you have any interest in submitting a proposal. RBY will provide work scope details via email to pre-qualified vendors by July 29nd. RBY will provide each vendor a “walk-through” of the fields and answers questions between August 1st and August 5th. Final proposals must be submitted to RBY via email no later than August 12th. A final vendor will be selected by August 19th, 2016.

Independence Day, 2016

To all who defend our freedom, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY United States of America.

Last Edited: 6-8-16 @ 10:36AM

Recreation Division Post-Season Tournament Brackets:

These will be posted on the "Schedules" page as they become available (within two days after all division game rain out make up games have been completed).  When a Division is posted, we will note it here, but you need to follow the link to see the actual PDF of the Schedule/Bracket.


Pony Baseball, Bronco Baseball, Mustang Baseball, Pinto 8 Baseball, Pinto 7 Baseball, 8U Softball (updated), 10U Softball (updated), 12U Softball (updated) and 14U Softball (updated) are all now posted in PDF Format at the link above.


Updated 6-3-16, 9:02 PM PST

Colt/16U Schedules

The Colt Division Schedule is now posted at the top of the "schedule" page.

Updated 6-3-16, 9:02 PM PST

Fake Baseball Bucks

RBY does NOT sell baseball bucks.  They are ONLY given out for selling candy.  There has been a man selling fake baseball bucks (typically by the restrooms).  Please do not give this man money for baseball bucks.  The snack bar is monitoring for them and will not accept them.

Snack Bar Duty Schedule:


The full schedule is now posted on the Schedule Page.  All Recreation Division Teams are required to work one night of snack bar duty.  Each team must provide 8 Adults for their duty from 4:30-9:00PM on their assigned day.  Teams may "buy out" for a fee of $25/Adult ($200 total) but must give 1 week notice and must pay in advance.  We prefer that teams simply work their assigned day and help the families of RBY to have a wonderful game experience.  Don Tornberg is our Snack Bar Schedule Coordinator.  His information is on the Board page should you have any questions.  If you do not show, penalties will be enforced.  The teams who failed to show must now pay the full $200 fine or they will not receive their team trophies.

Spring Select Division Standings and 8U Softball Standings are now posted and current as of 5-17-16. Bronco Select FINAL Standings now posted. Here is the LINK

Coaching Shorts and Late/Extra Candy distribution:

As part of the long-standing RBY Dress code for Coaches, all Recreation Division Coaches (Shetland and 6U Excluded) must wear RBY Approved Shorts or Baseball Pants at ALL Games.  All Coaches must be uniformly dressed (all shorts or all the same color pants).  As of now, all Divisions (Pinto 7 and Older) will be enforced by the Board Member on Duty and coaches out of approved uniform will be removed from the dugout.  No Exceptions.  If you are not in uniform, do not blame the Board Member when he/she pulls you off the field...blame yourself for not being in uniform. 


Team Sponsors:

From our Treasurer Dave Eason: “RBY’s goal is to have a minimum of one sponsor per team.  Managers and/or Team Parents please emphasize to the Parents of your players that the player(s) can play for free for the spring season by getting a sponsor.  Request that each parent provide the sponsor package to their employer—that is where most sponsors come from.  Players get their registration fee refunded when they get a sponsor. That is a win for players and RBY.  Please go to Sponsor page to identify teams that currently do not have sponsors.”


Spring Baseball & Softball Schedules:


Spring Baseball & Softball Schedules are posted under the schedules tab.  8 & 10U Softball have been updated.  14U Select has an update forthcoming shortly.  All Baseball Divisions are posted except for Pony Select (forthcoming).  Softball Schedules are all posted on the Schedule Page.


Baseball Ages are as follows:
Shetland 4 (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/011- 4/30/12)


Shetland (5 & 6) (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/09- 4/30/11)

Pinto 7 (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/08- 4/30/09)

Pinto 8 (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/07- 4/30/08)
Mustang (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/05- 4/30/07)
Bronco (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/03- 4/30/05)

Pony (any boy who's birth date is between 5/1/01- 4/30/03 who did not play at RBY last Spring (2015).


Softball ages are as follows:

Shetland 4 (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/011- 12/31/11)

6U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/09- 12/31/10)

8U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/07- 12/31/08)

10U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/05- 12/31/06)

12U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/03- 12/31/04)

14U Softball (any girl who's birth date is between 1/1/01- 12/31/02) who did not play at RBY during the 2015 Spring Season.


***If you have specific questions about your child, please contact the appropriate Division Coordinator.  Each Coordinator's email link is located on the Board of Directors page Here:  BOARD PAGE

***For SOFTBALL, you can contact Josephine Ramirez or Chrissy Fitch.  Both email links are located on the Board Page at the link above.

***For all Age related Questions, please see the PDF Documents from Pony Baseball/Softball located on our FAQ page:


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Redlands Baseball & Softball for Youth would like to ask all of our parents to sign up and become members of our new Website (provided by Sport NGIN).


Signing up is quick and easy.  Go to the top left of the home page and click on "Create an Account".  It should take you less than 1 minute from start to finish. 

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Welcome to our new website.  We now have an all-in-one system; Website, Registration and back ground checks in once place!

From now on, all registration will be completed online, and the best part is we have added an E-Signature feature, so no more paperwork! 

We also have a brand new Webmaster, so please bear with us as we fill the website with content.

RBY RemembersPatriot Day 2015

Congratulations to Todd Frazier on winning the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby

The Registration "Spring Registration 2016" is not currently available.
This Registration closed on 04/07/2016, 7:00pm PDT (PDT).

MLB 2016 Opening Day


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